Do I have to take out March Self Store insurance, or can I use my own insurance?

We would always recommend using our own StoreProtect Cover, which is £5/pm for every £1,000 valuation. In the event of a claim, we will provide you with both the appropriate cover and dedicated support. Third party policies may not be able to provide this level of service in helping you process any claim.
Not all household insurances will cover you whilst your possessions are in a self-storage facility. Your household policy might state it covers “contents away from home”, but usually that does not include cover in self storage, so please check the terms of your insurance.
If choosing to arrange your own cover, your own insurance policy must provide the same high level of cover as March Self Store’s Storeprotect policy. Your insurance certificate, cover note and/or correspondence from your insurance broker must be checked to ensure the following (please highlight all of these following points on your insurance document(s) for our ease of reference):
The certificate/cover note is current. All certificates last for one year and have an expiry date.
The certificate/cover note/correspondence states that the cover provided matches the ‘perils’ covered within March Self Store’s insurance policy. These are: Actual physical loss of or damage to your goods caused by fire, lightning, aircraft, explosion, earthquake, riot, strike, civil commotion, malicious damage, storm, flood, ingress of water or other liquid substance, burst pipes, escape of water from fixed installations, moth, insect or vermin damage caused by an external source, impact by vehicles, and theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit from the building or storage room.
The certificate must state that it covers goods stored in ‘any unspecified warehouse or storage unit’ or ‘anywhere in the UK’ or the certificate must name the store you are storing at and the full postal address of the premises.
The stored goods value given on your insurance inventory does not exceed the value on the certificate/cover note/correspondence.
The certificate/cover note needs to be in the name of the Customer on the Licence, or the Customer noted on the Licence, as the owner of the goods.
In addition, you will have needed to complete your inventory, which should identify any valuable items you have placed in storage. Please remember it is your responsibility to keep your insurance documentation valid and up to date. For this reason, many opt for our StoreProtect Cover, which is much more convenient and secure.

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