What happens if I lose my padlock key/forget my combination?

What happens if I forget to alarm my room when I leave?

I’ve forgotten my PIN entry code, what do I do?

How secure will my things be?

How is your room alarm set?

Does the quote price include removals?

Why do I have to pay upfront and in advance?

Why do I have to pay up front for a month when I need less than 7 days storage?

When do I start paying?

What needs to be paid upfront?

I haven’t paid my bill. Can I access my storage space?

How much does storage cost?

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Can I pay over the phone?

Can I pay by cheque?

Can I pay by cash?

Can a friend pay my bill?

Are there any hidden costs?

Are there any credit/debit cards you do not accept?

How long does the paperwork take?

Can someone else sign the contract on my behalf?

Can I set up storage before I need it but pay from when I move in?

Can I do all the paperwork online?

What are the dimensions/size of your packaging boxes?

How much weight can your boxes hold?

How do I order boxes or packing materials?

Do you sell boxes & packaging materials?

Do you have to have storage to be able to buy boxes?

Can I use my own boxes?

Can I rent a padlock?

What is your opening / access times?

What are your extended (out of hours) access hours?

How can I set up Extended Hours Access to my storage?

Do you charge access fees?

Do I have to pay for Extended Hours Access/24hrs access?

Do we offer 24 hour access?

Can I access my storage whenever I want?

Are there any seasonal changes to your opening hours, like Christmas day etc?

Are we open at weekends?

When am I required to give notice for moving out?